ALL orders are roast to order. Expect to receive your beans within 3-4 working day. #akusukakopi
ALL orders are roast to order. Expect to receive your beans within 3-4 working day. #akusukakopi
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About Akusukakopi

AKUSUKAKOPI means I LIKE COFFEE in our mother tongue, the Malay language. I started off from working as a barista in 2016 to immediately falling in love with all things coffee. I am grateful for the experience that I have gained from working with an Australian company named Cottle Coffee who opened their first branch here in Malaysia back in 2016.

At Cottle Coffee, I learned the true definition of what it takes to be the best in the service industry. From entertaining your customers to making their drinks based on their preference and requests to doing to daily mundane tasks such as washing the dishes and cleaning the toilet. I learned the true Oz spirit of celebrating and appreciating customers with the best service that I can offer them.

I also learned a lot in terms of coffee making, learning the differences between single origins and blends, learning how to cup the coffee and so much more values within a short period of time.

I was even given the chance to learn roasting from the master himself that is Mr Richard Cottle, the owner of Cottle Coffee. It was an interesting insight as I got to learn new things about coffee, from choosing the right green beans, to checking its' moisture content to actually having to roast them according to the roast profile that Richard had set since years ago when he took over the business from his father.

Fast forward to now, I manage to pursue this career in coffee and maintaining the love that I have towards coffee. I bought a small 1kg roasting machine from Indonesia and the rest is history.

I hope to roast the best coffees that the world has to offer!

Welcome to AKUSUKAKOPI, where coffee is life.