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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2 (Med-Dark)

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2 (Med-Dark)

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. This Yirgacheffe needs no introduction, it is naturally processed and has a vibrant acidity to it when brewed.

Here at AKUSUKAKOPI, we like to share our brewing recipe. All of our coffee beans can be enjoyed as an espresso or hand brewed using any hand brewing equipments.

Our espresso is usually a ristretto, and the recipe is as follows:

Input/Dose : 18 grams

Output : 25 grams of espresso

Ratio : 1:1.4

Time : 22-26 seconds

Hand brew recipe:

Dose : 15 grams

Grind Size : Coarse (6 or 7 on an EK)

Water Temp : 95 degree

Blooming : 50 grams of water / 30 seconds

Add 50 grams of water / 1 min 20 seconds

Add another 50 grams of water / 2 min 30 seconds

Lastly add 100 grams of water & stop brewing at 3 min 10 seconds

Total of 250 grams