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G Blend

G Blend

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Introducing our very very very first blend!

I would like to call this the G Blend. Why G???

This is a tribute to my good friend, Mr Goutaman. I call him G. I met him first when he contacted me through Instagram I think that time was about helping me with something at the cafe. That time the Akusukakopi cafe was located at Lorong Hang Jebat, in Jonker Walk. After we had met, he was a genuine down to earth guy who loves to help people. He has been continuing to support my business ever since we met on that day.

He specializes in doing email marketing, and also marketing in general. I learned a lot from him and from time to time, he kept on helping me on how I can actually grow my brand. Truth be told, it has helped my brand tremendously and I am more than thankful to have him as my friend. Not only that, at the same time he also buys the coffee beans that I am selling! I am truly blessed to have such a good friend. I feel very blessed to be surrounded with so many supportive friends.

So this is why I dedicated this blend to you, G! Keep on being you and shine on man. I believe you will succeed in all the things that you are doing now.

This blend is a bold blend, only for the real G's out there!

Keep hustling, keep supporting your friends who are doing business, keep being real!