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Indonesia Mandheling G1

Indonesia Mandheling G1

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Introducing another Indonesian coffee beans in our arsenal, the Mandheling G1. We have told you how much we like Indonesian beans so this time we try to bring a Grade 1 Mandheling for you to try!

It is medium roasted with a nice pungent smell, hints of chocolate, smooth tobacco, pleasant acidity with lingering finish.

Try it now before it is sold out!

Processing : Washed

Varietal : Catimor

Elevation : 1500MASL

Region : Batak Region of West-Central Sumatra, Aceh

Notes : Chocolate, Caramel, Tobacco, Pleasant Acidity

Brewing Recipe :


20g of coffee to 35g of espresso

28 - 32 seconds


20g of coffee to 300ml of water

2-3 minutes, 92% brewing temperature